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Kristen Read Copywriter

Hi, I'm Kristen Read. I am a professional marketing copywriter, editor and content strategist with nearly 15+ years of experience helping B2B brands create effective marketing communications to maximize brand awareness, the user experience and, of course, sales.


Together, we can create a content plan and supporting materials to help increase conversion, boost web traffic, fine-tune your messaging and create a consistent brand experience across all channels.

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Web Copy, Articles & Blogs

I’ve helped marketing teams around the world author websites. articles and blogs that promote thought leadership and brand awareness.

Video Scripts

Videos are a powerful and direct way to connect with your target audience and share your brand's story. Click below to see some examples of my quick, catchy and informative video scripts that make an impact. 

Product Marketing Materials

From email campaigns and product descriptions to infographics and sell sheets, I have extensive experience helping brands promote their products with clear, effective copywriting.

Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful way for brands to promote products and services by showing real-life results with real-life customers. Click to find some examples of my previous case studies.

Brand Awareness Materials

These marketing materials, including ads, email campaigns, infographics and more, offer visibility into your brand, what you stand for and what you have to offer your customers. 

White Papers, eBooks, Reports

Long-form thought leadership materials such as whitepapers, eBooks and Reports are powerful ways to establish credibility in your industry.

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