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White Papers, eBooks, Brochures & Reports

Long-form thought leadership materials such as white papers, eBooks and brochures are powerful ways to establish credibility in your industry.

In the examples below, I collaborated with marketing teams, subject matter experts, external third-party research companies and digital teams to create useful, meaningful collateral that educates potential customers and helps brands become leaders in their industries.

Sweet, Sustainable Innovations in Confectionery Packaging

I was hired by WestRock to create marketing materials around their confectionery packaging offerings. The deliverables included this long-form brochure. 

WestRock Brochure Image.png

The Future of Retail SaaS White Paper

I worked with the client to create a white paper describing how new technology is transforming the customer experience in
brick-and-mortar retail and how retailers can get the best ROI.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 093958.png

Retail Technology Sustainability White Paper

The client requested a white paper describing how their solutions and products help their customers be more sustainabile.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 095338.png

Building a Digital Blueprint of the Phyiscal Store eBook

In conjunction with TrueVUE and Retail Info Systems (RIS), I developed content for this eBook that shows how inventory management can reveal insights into shoppers and how retailers can use this information to create a better customer experience.

TV Digital Footprint.png

Empowering the Next Generation
of Loss Prevention eBook

In conjunction with Sensormatic and Retail Info Systems (RIS), I developed content for this eBook that shows retails how to use loss prevention SaaS technology can help reduce shrink.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 094837.png
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