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Video Scripts & Editorial Direction

Videos are a powerful and direct way to connect with your target audience and share your brand's story. But they need to be quick, catchy and informative to make an impact. 

Below are some examples of videos that utilized our team's skills in copywriting, editing and editorial direction.  

Video Script & Creative Direction

The client wanted to showcase their retail SaaS in-store system, that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)  to anticipate their store needs from inventory to product placement. This was translated into nine languages for global use.

Talking Store.jpg

Retail Technology eBook

The client, a product marketing leader, requested an eBook describing their brand's ability to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help a better shopper experience in their stores.

TV Digital Footprint.png

Infomercial Campaign - TV and Web

I worked with the client, production and marketing teams to develop complementary communications supporting this exercise program. This included web content, recipes, nutrition and supplement guides, email campaigns and script reviews.

Pace Express.png

Beauty Blog

The client needed a ghostwriter to create regular blog posts and eNewsletter articles that established them as a thought leader in the natural beauty space and promoted their product line.

Pure Radiance Blog.png

Technology, AI, SaaS Web Copy 

Working with the IT, marketing and digital teams, I created the content strategy, navigation for this global website available in 15 languages. I also wrote, reviewed or served as editor for the web content for all pages, combining the information and data from three brands under one new cohesive name.

Sensormatic site.png

Technology Brand Anthem Video

The client was looking for a brand storytelling video with no script or voiceover, only text on screen. We believe this approach best served their target global audience. 

Fast Forward Retail.png

Event Materials 

The client wanted their message to grab the attention of their target audience and encourage them to schedule a meeting to discuss their needs. We crafted the content for the presentation slides, fact checked, researched, wrote the script and hired the presenter for the large-scale industry event. 

Event Presentation .png

Case Study 

The client requested an editor to complete the writing for this case study and edit in accordance to their brand and writing guidelines. 

Case Study sample.png
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